Will the Snake Return to the Garden

Blog for September 2017


I have always been a lover of flora and fauna. My mother gave me a small spot to dig in the dirt and make a garden of my own when I was just a child of six. The highlight of the rock garden was a beautiful plant, Joseph’s Coat (Alternanthera) of vivid red violet, greens, and yellows. One day a beautiful, little, green and white snake (Opheodrys) had discovered the rock garden and was sunning on one of my treasured flat river stones. The pretty snake looked just like a wooden one I had won at a carnival weeks before. I could not believe my eyes and wondered if my toy had come to life. In the following weeks, I longed for the snake to return to my garden but I never saw it again. To this day its beauty and the mystery of its elusiveness is forever in my memory.


How does this memory connect to the artwork I am making today? I have an unquenchable desire to get closer to the beauty in life and to understand its mysteries.


The series is called “Dangerous Beauties, Nefarious Plants and How to Love Them” and it is a collection of encaustic paintings, monoprints, and sculpture created in a romantic and stylized darker palette. The mysterious and shadow side of human psyches is woven into compositions with the forms of plants and flowers. Fantastical creatures in the paintings are a nod to the often, hallucinogenic effects experienced when ingesting some of these plants.

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